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Main Office

Name: Position: Email:
Elisa Stephens Principal Email
Jaimie Schep Counselor Email
Felecia Blair Office Manager Email
Jacqueline Gomez Bilingual Clerical Email

Classroom & Special Program Teachers

Name: Position: Email:
Samantha Krusemark Kindergarten Email
Wade Ross Kindergarten Email
Cindy Fandrem 1st Grade Email
Caitlyn Moore 1st Grade  Email
Iris Carrasco 2nd Grade Email
Kelsey Collins 2nd Grade Email
Maryssa Santi 3rd Grade Email
Ginger Colwell 3rd Grade Email
Stacy Kozlowski 4th Grade Email
Becky Peterson 4th Grade Email
Katelyn Thomson 5th Grade Email
Jaclyn Woolsey 5th Grade Email
Jennifer Moorvartian Reading Email
Jill Hein School Wellness Educator Email
Vallerri Peters Dean of Students Email
Linda Hellesto English Language Development Email
Haley Neal Special Education Email
Tori Cowdrey Foundational  Skills Class Email
Nancy Messman Speech Pathologist Email
Matt Hein PE Email

Classified Staff

At Lafayette we have a fantastic team of Assistants who work with teachers in the classroom and help students in small groups. Without them we could not accomplish all we do at Lafayette. Your children may work with our Assistants during Reading, Writing, and/or Math as well as on the playground. At recess our Assistants will help direct students to make safe, responsible, and respectful choices while playing with their friends.

  • Ann Robertson
  • Cindy Beebe
  • Ivonne Sitton
  • Jennifer Miles
  • Jessica Aguayo
  • Kathleen Delsman
  • Linda Grant
  • Susan Smith
  • Darla Sweeter
  • Shannon Stephen
  • Rachel White
  • Patricia Evans
  • Nancy Whitley
  • Dulce Contreras
  • Laura Ball
  • Lisa Idsinga
  • Shelley Kampfer-Goethals

We also have a fantastic crew taking care of our school and feeding your children breakfast and lunch.  We appreciate all that they do!

  • Terry Lukesic, AM Custodian
  • Cathy Alan, Kitchen staff